Purple, Lilac, Black, Chocolate, Blue, Merle, Seal, Platinum, AKC English Bulldogs
Rarest Bulldogs on the Planet!
The "Original" RARE BULLDOGS...Masters of Color
Producers of the Planet's First Purple Lilac English Bulldog
Absolutely the BEST in Rare Color AKC English Bulldogs for You & your Family
Stay at home Puppy Moms & Breeders of the Rarest Color AKC Bulldogs on the Planet.
Striving to keep the True Bulldog Look & Size in the Lilac, Blue, Chocolate, Black, Merle, and Seal English Bulldog.
We breed only healthy Moms & Dads, and never compromise health or structure for color.
Meet the One & Only, World Renowned Extreme Z
Rare Bulldogs Extreme Z, first produced Purple AKC Lilac Bulldog in the World,  and is also the most Famous Rare Color Bulldog. Z is known throughout the world by Breeders, Fanciers, and Bulldog Lovers, and has Progeny all over the Planet. Z is also one of the most correct Rare Color Bulldogs according to the BCA breed standard...too bad he is not allowed n the show ring, solely because of his color. Read more abut Z on our Stud and History pages.
AKC Purple Lilac English Bulldog-Meet Extreme Z

More Purple lilacs produced by us.

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